Where to get gynecological examination in Thanh Hoa?

For women who have ever had a gynecological examination, the examination and examination process can be understood by everyone. But for women who go to the doctor for the first time, especially girls who have not had sex, it is a matter of concern. Where to get gynecological examination in Thanh Hoa safely, accurately and quickly. Which Clinic should you choose in Thanh Hoa to trust your health? 400 Clinic in Thanh Hoa is a gynecological clinic and care for women that meets all the criteria you need.
The cost of gynecological examination at 400 Clinic is suitable for all people. 400 Clinic brings together a team of leading experts in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, with many years of experience having examined tens of thousands of women, and gynecological cancer screening is certainly a high criterion for women to choose 400 Clinic is the place to choose to send gold to give trust.

Reasons we recommend you come to 400 Clinic:

  • The clinic has long-standing highly specialized experience in Thanh Hoa – 19 years of medical examination experience
  • The clinic always updates new medical advances in treatment and examination protocols
  • The clinic has a team of highly qualified doctors and nurses who are enthusiastic and dedicated to patients
  • The clinic has a team of professional consultants, before and after lifelong examinations for patients, 24/24 processing – Leading in Thanh Hoa in patient care
  • The clinic has current equipment and machinery, always leading and updating the latest technology in Thanh Hoa
  • The clinic is clean, airy, has a VIP room, and has good infection control procedures
  • The clinic is a place trusted and visited many times by women in Thanh Hoa province
  • All patient examination results are absolutely confidential and are not provided to third parties

400 Clinic Thanh Hoa has 2 facilities:

Facility 1 at 400 Hai Thuong Lan Ong (Opposite the Obstetrics Hospital gate).

Facility 2 at 440 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh Ward, Thanh Hoa City.

Hotline: 0919.329.400 – Free consultation anytime, anywhere.

Morning: 7am – 11:45am
Afternoon: 13:30 – 21:00
Work every day of the week from Monday – Sunday (Including holidays)

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1. Why do you need to see a gynecologist?

According to statistics of the Ministry of Health in 2014, more than 90% of women in Vietnam have at least once suffered from gynecological-related diseases. This alarming number proves that, to protect themselves, women should go for regular gynecological examinations under the advice of a doctor.
However, due to subjective psychology and apprehension, many women do not attach importance to regular gynecological examination. This is the main reason why the incidence of gynecological diseases is increasing day by day. Therefore, the first thing that women need to do is to eliminate fear and then need to understand what a gynecological examination is, how the examination steps with a doctor will help women have Get the best preparation for a smooth visit.

2. What is a gynecological examination?

Siêu âm ổ bụng phát hiện bệnh phụ khoa
Ultrasound aims to accurately detect diseases in the reproductive organs
The female reproductive organs are divided into two main parts: the upper genitalia (uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, fallopian tubes) and the lower genitalia (vulva, vagina, cervix) ). During a gynecological examination, the doctor will perform a general and detailed examination of all the genital organs. At the same time, women will be assigned to perform necessary tests such as: blood test, urine test, abdominal ultrasound, … to accurately detect the pathology encountered in the reproductive organs.
In case the doctor suspects that the patient has cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer, they will order them to do additional cancer screening tests such as cervical biopsy, E’Prep test. ,…

3. Basic gynecological examination steps

Normally, a gynecological examination will be performed with the following steps:
– Asking information, current condition of the patient Before conducting the examination, the doctor will ask for personal information and condition. pathology, unusual signs and patient history. Through this survey information, the doctor will decide the next detailed examination steps.
– External examination: In this step, the doctor will observe and check the outside of the genitals, the chest area to see if there is anything abnormal.
– Vaginal exam During this vaginal exam, the doctor looks at the vagina for anything unusual. A speculum is then inserted into the vagina to view the vaginal wall and cervix. At this step, the doctor may take a sample of vaginal fluid or cells if the patient suspects gynecological diseases.
– In addition, the doctor will conduct transvaginal ultrasound to examine the entire genitalia for married or sexually active women. As for girls who have not had sex, the doctor will use an abdominal ultrasound to survey this information.
– Vaginal discharge test: Most gynecological exams include a vaginal discharge test, which helps your doctor determine if you have bacterial vaginosis. Vaginal discharge is usually collected by the doctor on an ultrasound probe or during a speculum vaginal examination.
– Uterine examination: Doctors often use their hands to feel the abdomen to determine the position and size of the uterus. In addition, at this step the doctor can conduct ultrasound or transvaginal ultrasound to determine the structure and condition of the uterus, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Uterine examination is to determine the pathology in the uterus, the doctor cannot skip this step.
– Tests: Depending on the patient’s condition, the doctor will assign the patient to do other necessary tests such as blood tests, urine tests., mental health tests. After a general examination and understanding the necessary information, the doctor will conclude on your condition and advise the most appropriate treatment method, and schedule a follow-up appointment to check the effectiveness of the treatment. treatment course.

gynecological examination in Thanh Hoa
Gynecological clinic in Thanh Hoa
Currently, at 400 Clinic, the basic gynecological examination and screening package is being applied.
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