Fetal ultrasound address in Thanh Hoa

Fetal ultrasound is a safe, accurate and simple technique. However, where is Fetal Ultrasound in Thanh Hoa reputable, quality and safe? Which Pregnancy Clinic should you choose in Thanh Hoa to ensure the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses?

400 Clinic in Thanh Hoa is a standard pregnancy care and ultrasound clinic that meets all the criteria you need.

The cost of fetal ultrasound at 400 Clinic is suitable for all people in Thanh Hoa province. Fetal ultrasound doctors at the Clinic are well-trained at major hospitals such as Central Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tu Du Hospital…. and have practical experience in examining tens of thousands of pregnant patients. and screening for fetal defects must be high criteria for mothers to choose 400 Clinic as the place to choose to place their trust in the health of pregnant mothers.

Reasons we recommend you come to 400 Clinic:

  • The clinic has long-standing highly specialized experience in Thanh Hoa – 19 years of medical examination experience
  • The clinic always updates new medical advances in treatment and examination protocols
  • The clinic has a team of highly qualified doctors and nurses who are enthusiastic and dedicated to patients
  • The clinic has a team of professional consultants, before and after lifelong examinations for patients, 24/24 processing – Leading in Thanh Hoa in patient care
  • The clinic has current equipment and machinery, always leading and updating the latest technology in Thanh Hoa
  • The clinic is clean, airy, has a VIP room, and has good infection control procedures
  • The clinic is a place trusted and visited many times by women in Thanh Hoa province
  • All patient examination results are absolutely confidential and are not provided to third parties

400 Clinic Thanh Hoa has 2 facilities:

Facility 1 at 400 Hai Thuong Lan Ong (Opposite the Obstetrics Hospital gate).

Facility 2 at 440 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh Ward, Thanh Hoa City.

Hotline: 0919.329.400 – Free consultation anytime, anywhere.

Morning: 7am – 11:45am
Afternoon: 13:30 – 21:00
Work every day of the week from Monday – Sunday (Including holidays)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Phongkham400
Zalo: https://zalo.me/243900711723103673

Website: https://400clinic.com/

Google Maps:  https://maps.app.goo.gl/aizjL1Dygcwe5Kms7

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1. What is ultrasound and what is fetal ultrasound?

Ultrasound is an imaging diagnostic method to reconstruct images of organs and parts in the body. And fetal ultrasound is the reconstruction of an image of the fetus in the mother’s womb, through the use of ultrasound waves with frequencies that normal ears cannot hear.

From these images, the doctor will assess whether the fetus’s condition is okay, whether there are any abnormalities affecting the fetus, and then give advice and instructions to the mother.

5D fetal ultrasound at Thanh Hoa obstetrics and gynecology clinic 400

2. Is fetal ultrasound harmful?

The nature of ultrasonic waves is just high-frequency sound that the human ear cannot hear, so it does not cause radiation and does not affect hearing.

Especially in cases of slow fetal growth, or fetal distress, or obstetric emergencies, fetal ultrasounds also take place at a higher density than usual: daily, hourly, even multiple times just a few times apart. minute. Therefore, everyone can be completely assured that fetal ultrasound is a technique that does not harm mothers and children, but also brings many benefits in examination, diagnosis and prognosis of the mother’s health. mother and children.

3. What types of fetal ultrasound are there?

3.1. Vaginal ultrasound probe:

This type of ultrasound uses a special probe (small and long) to insert into the vagina to clearly observe the structures of the uterus – the appendages, because the probe is inserted close to the cervix. This is the preferred technique in assessing and diagnosing small fetuses, because the small size of the fetus requires a technique with high resolution.

Fetal ultrasound using a vaginal probe

3.2. 2D fetal ultrasound – color Doppler

It is an abdominal fetal ultrasound technique that uses a 2D probe to evaluate the biometric indicators of the fetus, thereby estimating the weight of the fetus and assessing whether the fetus’s development status compared to its age is normal. At the same time, evaluate the condition of the fetal heart, the condition of the placenta, the amniotic membrane as well as other lesions observed by 2D ultrasound – color Doppler, such as the condition of the uterine artery, middle cerebral artery, ductus venosus, etc. .

3.3 5D fetal ultrasound

5D fetal ultrasound is a method that uses ultrasound waves to observe the movement of the fetus in the mother’s uterus. The 5D fetal ultrasound method is like watching a live video, helping pregnant mothers clearly and realistically observe the morphology, gestures and expressions of the fetus in the womb as well as helping doctors to can diagnose and detect fetal defects early right from the first months of pregnancy.

3.4. 6D fetal ultrasound

6D fetal ultrasound integrates many modern technologies to best monitor the baby’s development throughout pregnancy.

  • HDLIVE TECHNOLOGY: Gives sharper, beautiful images more similar to real images.
  • RADIANTFLOWS TECHNOLOGY: Survey of vascular malformations.
  • STIC & HDLIVE FLOW TECHNOLOGY: Early detection of congenital heart defects.
  • HDLIVE SKELETON TECHNOLOGY: Regenerate & survey the fetal skeletal system.
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY: Examination of the central nervous system.
  • HDLIVE SILHOUETTE TECHNOLOGY: 6D ultrasound with penetrating images to observe the internal structure of the fetal body.

400 Clinic with Voluson E6 – MY ultrasound machine with accurate diagnosis function, the first advanced AI technology ONLY in Thanh Hoa. VIP room ultrasound service is quick – dedicated – private space – Free drinks and snacks, experience 5-star pregnancy examination service only available at 400 Clinic.

6D fetal ultrasound
Fetal ultrasound room at 400 Clinic Thanh Hoa

4.What should you pay attention to when doing a fetal ultrasound?

The ultrasound process is quite simple and gentle, the doctor will apply a layer of transparent gel to the mother’s belly (this layer of gel helps limit air from getting between the probe and your skin), then use the instrument to hold the ultrasound. The arm contains a probe to move throughout the abdomen, helping to capture images of the fetus.

Below are some notes for pregnant mothers before performing a fetal ultrasound:

Go for prenatal checkups and ultrasounds on schedule to help detect abnormalities early, if any
If there are unusual signs such as abdominal pain, bleeding, etc. you need to see a doctor immediately.
Wear loose, comfortable clothes when going for an ultrasound
The doctor may ask you to drink a lot of water and hold your urine before the ultrasound to push your bladder up, making it easier to monitor fetal images.